Why I Want a Lawyer to Help with my Lemon

Why I Want a Lawyer to Help with my Lemon?

So you have read one of my other blogs that summarizes the Lemon Law (in Ohio & Michigan) and you think you meet the basic requirements of the law, do you want to hire an attorney to assist you?

The easy answer is that you definitely want to retain an attorney that is well versed in the specific twists and turns of the Lemon Law.

Why do you want to retain an attorney? There are many advantages in seeking professional help.

The first reason is that my office looks to the manufacturers (or dealerships) to provide for my attorney fees. That is right, I do not look to my clients to come up with money to pay me. That is often a question that potential clients ask and they are always comforted by my answer.

The second reason is that I have followed the Lemon Law for a long time. Over the years, the law has gone through changes. Having the current knowledge of the law is essential when dealing with the manufacturers. The manufacturer’s representatives likely know the law and I think it is safe to say that their primary goal is to act in the best interest of their employer. By remaining current on the law, I have the current knowledge necessary to protect your rights.

In addition to the knowledge of the law, my office has the experience necessary to deal with the different manufacturers and I know how they respond to different scenarios. Think about it, I earn nothing if I am not successful with my claim. I need to be successful and the experience I have gained in working with thousands of people has been a key building block of my experience. That experience helps to get you to the results you deserve. You get to tap into that experience.

If you still need more convincing, keep in mind that my office works for your interests, not those of the manufacturer. So every thought goes into what can we do to make this situation as favorable for the customer as possible. That loyalty is a key factor.

Finally, I am local to cases in both Ohio and Michigan. I grew up in the Midwest and I have spent my entire life here. I refuse to set up a large national firm where cases get bounced from attorney to attorney or attorney to paralegal. I like handling the case from beginning to end. I like to keep it local and personal.

I hope these reasons have helped to answer your question. If not, please call me to discuss this in greater detail. My number is 248-737-8000 or you can email me at Ron@RonWeissAttorney.com.

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