Family with children pushing a faulty car.

Steps to Take If You Think Your Car is a Lemon

Ronald S. Weiss, Attorney  Dec. 27, 2022

If you buy a defective product at a store, the procedure to take it back and get a refund or replacement is fairly straightforward. However, when you encounter similar issues with a newly purchased vehicle (commonly called a “lemon”), this process will not be as clear-cut. Furthermore, you might be unsure if you are even able to seek compensation in the first place and may be asking questions like, “What qualifies as a “lemon?” or, “What should I do if I think my car is a lemon?” Fully understanding what the lemon law says and knowing what steps to take when your car is a lemon can be complicated.  

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What Qualifies as a “Lemon”  

To qualify as a lemon, generally, the car must:  

  • Have a significant defect that is covered by the warranty that occurred within a specific period or after a number of miles traveled. 

  • Have a substantial defect that can't be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts  

  • Have spent 30 days or more at the dealership for repairs within the first year of purchase.  

If you are in Ohio, additional provisions include:  

  • Eight or more repairs in an effort to fix various problems; or  

  • One attempt to repair a defect that was likely to cause death or serious injury  

Steps to Take If You Think Your Car Is a Lemon 

The first thing you will need to do if you think your car is a lemon is to gather all relevant documents, including all dates and receipts of when you’ve tried to have it repaired, and all communication you’ve had with the dealer and mechanics. If problems arise, you should immediately speak to attorney Ronald S. Weiss to handle this time-sensitive case. 

Unfortunately, some vehicle manufacturers are not as consumer oriented as others. You paid a lot of money for your new car and you may not be stuck with that lemon. That is why you need an attorney to represent you; someone who understands car laws in Michigan and Ohio and will never back down from a fight. Speak to us today if you are ready to hold the manufacturers accountable and want to seek financial compensation.  Keep in mind that the manufacturer has to pay fees for successful claims!

How Lemon Law Attorney Ronald S. Weiss Can Help 

It is important to know how attorney Ronald S. Weiss can help if your car is a lemon. A new vehicle is a big-ticket item and you risk tens of thousands of dollars if there are problems with the vehicle. Car manufacturers make billions of dollars each year, and they can afford to employ skilled lawyers to argue their case. This means you need to have a skilled attorney on your side who fully understands the law and can present a compelling case on your behalf. Lemon law attorney Ronald S. Weiss has over 30 years of experience and has helped thousands of Ohio and Michigan residents receive just compensation, often including a repurchase or a replacement, when their vehicles failed them.

When calling a consumer law attorney, make sure to insist that you speak with the attorney that will be handling your case.  I’ll personally take your call as I want to hear the details of your situation.  I want to help you with your problems. Reach out to us today.

Guidance You Can Depend On 

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