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Who We Are

We’re two boutique law firms with 75+ years of experience

With us, you get two generations’ worth of legal knowledge on your side. In addition, you get focused, personalized attention directly from your attorney. These are just a few of the perks of working with a small firm.

What We Do

We help residents of Michigan & Ohio fight for what’s fair

Both Ron and Gerald Weiss practice personal injury law in Michigan. In addition, Ron is licensed to practice in Ohio. Outside of personal injury, Ron also handles lemon law and debt collector harassment cases.

How We Operate

First, we like to start things off with a free conversation

No matter where you live in Michigan or Ohio, it would be our pleasure to discuss your case over the phone. We offer initial consultations free of charge so you can get answers without losing a thing.

Meet Your Legal Team

Two generations of legal knowledge working for you

Since 1967, Gerald has represented accident victims throughout Michigan. When Ron began his practice in 1993, he developed a niche in both Personal Injury and Lemon Law cases. As his practice grew, Ron branched out into Ohio. Now, both attorneys are especially adept at dog bite cases & Auto Accidents while Ron also excels in getting results for clients with faulty new vehicles.

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Statewide Support Throughout Michigan and Ohio

Thanks to America’s ever-advancing technology, you’re no longer stuck with the closest law firm you can find. Instead, you can call one of the Weiss attorneys. No matter where you may live in Michigan or Ohio, you can trust that either Ron or Gerald will have the expertise to guide your case.

Specifically, attorney Gerald Weiss has more than 50 years of experience handling personal injury claims throughout Michigan. Attorney Ron Weiss knows personal injury law as well and is licensed to practice in both Michigan and Ohio. Additionally, Ron has over 25 years of experience protecting consumers from faulty new vehicles and harassing calls from debt collectors and telemarketers.

Attorney Ronald Weiss at desk working

We choose to keep our caseload small so
yours gets our full, undivided attention

Since you’re visiting our site, we can safely assume that you’re in a frustrating situation. Our goal is to minimize that stress as much as possible — not add to it.

For that reason, we’d like to offer you a free, one-on-one case evaluation with one of the Weiss attorneys. That way, you can get the answers you’ve been looking for and decide whether you've found the right lawyer for you before committing to anything. Frankly, after discovering your new car is a lemon or getting hurt in an accident, we think that’s the least we can do to help you out. As your case proceeds, you’ll find that we’re every bit as attentive to your needs as we were on that first phone call.

If you explore our client testimonials, you’ll see that we’re not making empty claims about client care — we truly have a reputation for getting results and making sure our clients are in the loop every step of the way. Work with us, and you’ll get that same level of respect, attention, and commitment to your case.

Whether you live down the road or across the state, you will find us responsive and focused on you.