Do I really need an attorney for this?

Sure, you're free to handle matters on your own. If you want to position your case for the best results, then you'll get in touch with us.

There are requirements your vehicle has to meet in order to legally be considered a lemon and laws can vary from one state to the next. With us, we know what questions to ask to confirm that your vehicle is a lemon whether you're in Michigan or Ohio.

A Few Questions to Consider

Is your vehicle new?

What is technically defined as "new" depends on the dealership you got the vehicle from. If the warranty states that its defect is covered by the manufacturer, then you most likely can file a lemon law claim.

Have you tried to fix the problem more than once?

You took your vehicle to the dealership for repairs. The good news: the problem was fixed. Bad news? It broke again. Having to take it back to get fixed over and over again helps your case.

Has it been in the shop for 30 days?

Not only did you take your vehicle to the shop, but it's in there for a quite a while — at least a month. This is a huge indicator that you may have been sold a lemon.

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